Extending Empathy to Support Staff [6 tips]

Extending Empathy to Support Staff [6 tips]

It’s been great to watch the rise in recognition of the importance of empathy. But let’s not just teach empathy in our classrooms, let’s also extend it to the staff members in our schools – all staff members.

For the past five summers, I’ve worked with my school’s Buildings and Grounds Department. I’ve put in ceilings, hung drywall, painted stairwells, laid floors, and moved more heavy objects from point A to point B than I’d care to remember.

It’s often a hot and dirty job, but I enjoy working with my hands and it helps me to recharge for the other ten months of the year as a teacher.

For this job, I don’t dress like I do during those teaching months: I wear old paint-splattered tee shirts, cut-off shorts, and a scruffy summer beard that takes minimal maintenance. In other words, I might look like someone who does physical labor. Continue reading “Extending Empathy to Support Staff [6 tips]”